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Changing Facial Features is not Impossible: Deep Dive into Facial Acupuncture and Manipulation

July 6, 2019

There is a Golden Ratio and other 29 measurements for face to determine a person's beauty on a scale of 1 to 10.

One of which is the length to width of the face is about 1.6 as the golden ratio, which means a person is considered with a beautiful proportion if it is 1 1/2 times longer than it is wide.

For me, facial sculpting and manipulations are done to help my patients achieve the ratio. In ancient times, this method is also known as 易容术,meaning to change the feature of the person.

Yes, it sounds like in a martial arts movie but yes the technique exists and is not a myth.

Facial manipulation and sculpting's effect can be quite permanent, hence the frequency of the manipulation is not needed to be as frequent as that for facial acupuncture.

Facial acupuncture will instead target the lymphatic system and muscular system where both systems are more susceptible to changes due to sleep patterns, diet or lifestyle of the patient. Hence frequent facial acupuncture is needed to maintain a balanced, chiseled and non puffy face.

For Facial Acupuncture, let me do a simple recap here....

Benefits of facial acupuncture:

-Firms sagging skin

-Helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

-Tightens pores


-Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

-Lightens blemishes and scars

-Reduces double chin

-Improves skin complexion and gives a healthy glow


-Makes face becomes smaller and resculpts facial features


-Improves hormone-based skin conditions

-Treat dry skin and oily skin acne



-Less costly and safer than surgery,chemical peels and injections

-Restores balance to the body and creates a sense of well-being

How can facial acupuncture achieve those above?

·      Increases muscle tone and firm up sagging skin

·      Stimulates cells to lay down new collagen and elastin fibres under wrinkles and pores and filling them in and minimizing them

·      Promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifies and drains blockages in the face which are causing dark circles, puffiness, blemishes, double chin and poor skincomplexion

·      Promotes increased blood flow to face and new blood brings fresh oxygen, nutrients etc to nourish the face and healthy glow

·      Fat burning effect of acupuncture and size of face and reshape facial features

·      Rebalances hormonal systems and improves hormone-based skin conditions, oily or dry skin

·      Balances organ systems through face mapping, in which acupuncturing different facial parts can affect different internal organ systems  à restores balance to body and create a sense of well being


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