Golden Ratio Beauty Therapy

Created by me after years of research and practice and my vast knowledge in various Ancient Medicines and latest beauty technology and innovations, this Golden Ratio Beauty Therapy aims to bring out one’s innate beauty and charisma factor not just skin deep, but right through from the depths of muscles, connective tissues and even bones.

The benefits of this therapy are not just aesthetic, but also health and wellness. As the skull bones shift over years of poor postures and habitual recurring actions, compression of nerves, blood vessels and muscles can cause issues like migraine, insomnia, facial nerve pain, psycho issues such as anxiety and depression. Right adjustments to the skull bones can lift off pressure on these structures, resulting in improvement and recovery to various chronic health problems.  

Various integrative techniques from TCM, Ayurveda, Specialised Face and Pelvic Osteopathy are combined to bring about this set of therapy. 

Consultation and Analysis 

I will go though an analysis of the face to find out the deviation of facial features from The Golden Ratio and how certain facial features can be corrected in to bring out the X factor or likeability of one’s facial appearance. 

Facial Osteopathic Adjustment (骨) 

Correction of the facial features is done at the level of bones at this stage to achieve the Golden Ratio at the bone level. As the adjustment to the bones results in a more permanent change, frequency of this adjustment is required once every 6 months to 8 months.

 Facial Muscle Therapy (筋-肉) / Facial Acupuncture and Jade Guasha

Correction of the facial features is done at the level of connective tissues/fascia and muscles at this stage. Facial Acupuncture, Jade Guasha and Facial Cupping will be done at this stage. Learn More

Facial Skin Therapy (皮)

Results after 1 Facial Osteopathic Adjustment

Results after 1 Facial Osteopathic Adjustment

As skin is the most versatile layer and being most susceptible to changes from the internal body conditions and external environment, the therapy is done at the level of skin and will be advised by me in accordance to individual needs. At this level, common issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne etc will be tackled with ancient therapy and herbal formula concoctions. 

Hester Aba