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Our TCM services go beyond the basic general wellness and pain management treatments. We provide beauty, mental and even paediatric solutions. Find one that is suited for your needs or request for a consultation to find out what you need.


You can take comfort and confidence knowing that you will be treated by someone who is highly qualified, beyond the field of TCM. Dr Xiang Jun's qualifications and portfolio ensures that there is a balanced approach to your treatments and your health needs.


Not Convinced? Read some of our client testimonials and learn how Dr Xiang Jun's TCM treatments have changed their lives for the better.
Laura Reid
Acupuncture & Jade Sculping Treatment
In late 2017, I was diagnosed with Supraorbital Nerve Damage as a result of Type 2 Diabetes. I was desperate (to find a solution) when I met Dr Lim. Within two and half of twice-weekly treatments, my pain was gone. Completely gone! I am glad to have met Dr Lim. She is friendly, positive and most importantly committed to the patient's health.
George Papapetrou
Acupuncture Treatment
I had severe numbness and tingling in my fingers and pain in my shoulder and forearm. Dr Lim was able to provide relief to what had become a chronic and very difficult pain to live and work with. I am extremely grateful to Dr Lim. My quality of life has exponentially improved since the start of this treatment. Overall an excellent experience.
Blackburn Wilf
TCM Wellness, Slimming & Facial Treatment
Dr Lim’s acupuncture is proving to be highly effective. After only a few sessions, I saw improvements to my sleeping patterns. Dr Lim’s treatment is delivered in an efficient, painless and friendly manner. She is clearly an expert in her field. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to seek alternative medication treatments.

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