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TCM Aesthetics


Golden Ratio Beauty Therapy

Golden Ratio Beauty Therapy aims to bring out one’s innate beauty and charisma factor from the depths of muscles, connective tissues and even bones. The whole therapy involves facial bone adjustments, facial acupuncture/guasha/cupping and facial herbal skin care masking. Facial aesthetics can be achieved at all levels:

• Bone- smaller balanced face shape, sharpen and enhance innate facial beauty features
• Muscles- tightening, toning
• Skin – anti aging, increase radiance

This therapy also brings about health benefits in the relief of migraines, nerve pains, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Suitable for: wrinkles, sagging skin, aged skin, dull complexion, acne or eczema, unsymmetrical facial features


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Holistic Acupuncture Slimming

Acupuncture achieves the effect of slimming not simply by tackling the flabs and burning away fat cells, but by solving the deeper internal bodily issues as a whole and empowering one’s body to function correctly and healthily. When the body is healthy and balanced, it will be capable of shedding off the excess and unnecessary and keep itself in good shape.”

Suitable for: unexplained weight gain, puffiness and water retention, low metabolism induced weight gain, weight gain due to overeating



Hip Balance Therapy

Hip Balance Therapy aims to prevent body structure imbalance such as imbalanced shoulder height, imbalanced leg lengths, pain in neck, low back, knees, ankles. It also aids blood flow to vital organs in hips and prevent toxins accumulation, growths, cancer. The therapy involves soft repetitive pressing, twisting adjustments of hip, low back, legs in accordance to the level of imbalance for individuals.

Suitable for: chronic neck, shoulder, knee, ankle pain, cysts and fibroids, constipation, gallstones



Anti Aging

Aging can slow down or even stop at the start of health maintenance with TCM treatments. Aging is the process of oxidation and dying off of cells and tissues in the body faster than the rate of cells renewal. TCM treatments help to upkeep the circulation and metabolism of the body, re nourishing and renewing the cells and tissues of the body at a fast rate, hence achieving the effect of anti aging.

Suitable for: aging issues such as physical stiffness and weakness, mental health problems, sensory impairments


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