Facial Acupuncture – How to differentiate the Real Deal from the Fakers?

With facial acupuncture getting more popular in the alternative medicine aesthetic world, any aesthetic businesses driven especially by spa and salon owners will also start to ride on this wave to have a share of the cake. However, because acupuncture can only be administered by licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, some business owners strategise this by engaging young fresh grads that are lower in costs to execute this seemingly ‘easy random’ insertion of needles into the face of beauty seekers.

However facial acupuncture method is recorded in the ancient texts that only Empress, Concubines (basically imperials and royalties) are entitled to this aesthetic therapy in ancient China times. Hence you can see that not only is a highly skilled physician required to execute this treatment, but also how much nobility is given to this treatment.

Thus facial acupuncture is definitely not a random puncturing of needles into the face in which the procedure can be executed by any laypeople or mediocres, be it 2000 years back or now.


So how do you differentiate the Real Deal from the Fakers?

1.       Comfort level

Real deal: The insertion of the needles should be done with minimal or almost no pain at all. This is required of the skills, experience and nimbleness of the physician which takes years to accumulate and the zen to execute.

Fakers: You feel like a pin pillow and much discomfort and pain during the procedure.

2.       Areas targeted

Real deal: Specific strategic areas of the face are targeted by the physician that can give the maximum effect with the least required needles.

 Fakers: Your whole face is punctured till the very last inch with no strategies and planning from the physician.

3.       Effectiveness

Real deal: You can see results even right after 1 session.

Fakers: You feel and look the same even after the 40th session you package-signed with the money suckers hiding behind the name of Medicine.


Now that you are empowered with the intelligence to differentiate, go on and pamper yourself with the right high quality (Imperial) Facial Acupuncture in this modern era =)

Dedicated to empower and make life good.



With Love,

Dr Xiang Jun