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Ancient Energy Healing


Yoga TCM Therapy

Private Yoga sessions infused with TCM elemental and meridian philosophies and treatments. This therapy involves:

  • assessment of body constitution, conditions and postures.

  • Yoga practice combined with TCM treatment

Suitable for: slimming, detoxification, metabolism boosting, chronic pain, sleep difficulty, poor digestion


TCM Feng Shui Audit & Onsite Treatment

The living environment takes responsibility for 70% of health of people living in it. This treatment involves assessment, rearrangement advice and favorable areas for good health of residents in the living space is given.

Onsite treatment at favorable areas identified to promote health is carried out to maximise healing and recovery

Suitable for: Chronic illnesses, Terminal illnesses, Illnesses resulting in immobility such as stroke


TCM Bazi Body Constitution Reading

Your body is composed of a set of elements determined at birth that when map out, can help us to understand your physical attributes and health deficiencies. The reading involves:

  • Analysing the date and time of birth

  • Advice for dietetic and preventive medical recommendations

Suitable for: General Wellness, Chronic illnesses, Terminal illnesses


Crystal Healing-Sound Therapy

Crystals and sound vibration at a certain frequency can positively affect the energy flow, emotions and health of the body.

Suitable for: OCD, addictions, PTSD (Psychological Trauma), Dissociative Identity Disorder, Compulsive behaviours, feelings of worthlessness, unresolved grief, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, assault and bullying, eating disorders


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High Intensity TCM Acupuncture Therapy

Based on treating and harnessing special timings when acupoints are at the highest energy, days of the treatment are shortened and intensified to 1,3,5 or 7 days. This therapy involves working with time period that patient can commit, assessment of condition, calculation of the timings in a day that can administer the treatment for effects to intensify and last over more than 1 month

Suitable for: Overseas fly-in patients, patients who have short availabilities, jetlag, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain, indigestion, poor sleep


Meditation Practice Therapy

Meditation heals the physical body, increase awareness, mindfulness, clear subconscious toxins and past accumulated pain.

Suitable for but not limited to: Anxiety, depression, stress, chronic fatigue, weight problems, eating disorders, compulsive behaviours, addictions



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