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Facial Guasha-Bojin Self-Care 1 Day Workshop

Facial Guasha-Bojin is an ancient aesthetic method that uses special techniques with natural stones to maneuver over the face. When done regularly it can bring about toxins drainage, skin renewal, radiance and anti aging effects.

The techniques when done by oneself and when done by professionals are different as the direction of force and methods differ. In this workshop techniques for Facial Guasha-Bojin done by ownself will be taught.


What you will learn in the workshop

  1. Identify Meridian lines on the face for aesthetic enhancement, health benefits and their relationships with internal organs

  2. Philosophies behind Facial Guasha and Bojin

  3. Difference between Facial Guasha and Bojin

  4. Materials needed and suitable for Self Facial Guasha and Bojin

  5. Techniques for Self Facial Guasha and Bojin based on different facial areas of concerns

Duration 1 hr

Class size Minimum 2 to start a class

Fees $300 (deposit to be made upon confirmation of attendance)

Please Connect with Me for further details and securing your space for this workshop.

Earlier Event: August 3
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