Hip Balance Therapy

Hip or pelvis is the structure in human body that holds and protects the vital organs in the body highly related to aging and all health problems, including the physical and mental. 


From a western medicine point of view, the hip holds the bladder, the reproductive organs (womb, ovary, fallopian tube for women, the prostate, penis for male), the colon, high concentration of lymph nodes, nerve plexus. 

From a Traditional medicine point of view, the liver, gall bladder, urinary bladder, kidney, spleen and stomach meridians crosses through the hip. Also the DanTian in TCM is embedded within the hip, a critical point where all energy of the human concentrates, otherwise known as the sea of qi, the elixir field, energy center. ZiGong which is the womb where all life originates is located within the hip.

Hence any tilt in the hip can cause 1. blood flow hindrance 2. lymph drainage reduction 3. toxins accumulation 4. nerve impingement 5. energy block 6. reduce chances for life formation 7. skull tilt leading to imbalanced unhealthy perspective and perception . This can have devastating effects to the health of the person with prolonged hips tilt or imbalance. All kind of pain, cysts, fibroids, infertility, impotence, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, early menopause or andropause, depression, anxiety, even cancer are some examples. In other words, aging is accelerated, and life span is shortened simply from this imbalance of the critical human body structure. 


Created and founded by me, The Hip Balance Therapy aims to recover the balance to the hip and allow all blockages to clear for better flow at the region. With that, the critical organs for creating life (reproduction), maintaining life (health maintenance and illness prevention), improving quality of life (having a healthy perspective and mind), prolonging life (longevity) can then function at their best within a structurally and energetically balanced hip space. With regular upkeep of therapy sessions, the pink of health is guaranteed, and even age reversal is not impossible.

Hester Aba