30/90 Days Colon Cleanse Programme

As the colon is the body’s number one detox organ, many people realise intuitively that if the colon – the ‘sewage system’ of the body is working well, then that helps the whole body to be working well by ridding it of toxins efficiently.


Most people do not even know they need to clear the colon. Many of us nowadays have a colon that is distorted and coated in stagnant, impacted faeces. Years of eating unnaturally processed, cooked, frozen, canned, irradiated and preserved food have contributed to this. Certainly if you have a thick waistline or bulging abdomen, this is very likely the case.

Mucoid plague forms in the colon, partly as a residue of eating mucus-forming foods and partly because our bodies naturally secrete mucus in our intestines as a defence mechanism against toxins. The mucus can be cleared away by pancreatic juices but mucus-forming food now forms such a huge percentage of the diet that the pancreas cannot cope. Layers of plague build up throughout the length of the intestinal tract and then compact and harden. And with the modern day child rearing practices, this all begins when you are an infant. Sometimes there is so much putrid matter that parts of the colon are left with a channel of only about a pencil’s width in the centre through which excreted matter can pass. The colon becomes permanently toxic and all manner of health problems result as these poisons seep into your bloodstream and find their way to all parts of the body. 

If you consume, or have ever consumed, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, sugar, processed food of any kind, chocolate, caffeine, soft drinks or alcohol, then you will certainly have mucoid plague and will benefit from colon cleansing. Even vegans usually need to do it because of mucus build-ups from soy and grain foodstuffs (soy beans are the most mucoid-forming of all plants).

Each section of the colon is connected to a part of the body. Hence many herbalists advocate colon cleansing as the cure for 90% of all diseases. It works because you not only clean up your internal sewer system, but in the process of doing so, all manner of emotional issues that may have been buried in there for years come to the surface and get released. 

The programme involve 2 parts: manual therapy programme and herbal programme. 

  • Manual therapy programme includes but not restricted to acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, visceral manipulation.

  • Herbal programme includes herbal medicines and natural supplements tailored to individual body conditions. 

*Option of only Herbal Programme is available as well. 

Suitable for: -Re-Energising

  • Weight Loss

  • Digestion Improvement

  • Bowel Health

Hester Aba