30/90 Days Kidney Cleanse Programme

1. The kidneys and bladder and the liver are a team which ensures toxins are made safe then eliminated from the body. Good kidney/bladder function is essential to healthy detox.


2. The kidneys, when functioning well, maintain the correct level of water in the blood. When this process is working as it should, the blood pressure will be within normal limits, water retention is reduced especially in the legs and eyes area. 

3. The urethra eliminates urine from the bladder and is shorter in women than in men. Germs can fairly easily ascend this tube. If the kidneys and bladder are working well, this is less likely to happen, keeping the urethra healthy and comfortable.

4. Kidney function can gradually reduce over the years as we age. In Chinese medicine, kidney governs the essence of life. Helping to maintain good kidney function will help the body to keep healthy and strong and may affect the length of our lifespan.

The programme involve 2 parts: manual therapy programme and herbal programme. 

  • Manual therapy programme includes but not restricted to acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, visceral manipulation.

  • Herbal programme includes herbal medicines and natural supplements tailored to individual body conditions. 

*Option of only Herbal Programme is available as well. 

Suitable for:

  • Water retention

  • Puffy face and eyes

  • Chronic fatigue

Hester Aba